Ford SuperCab, Molle seat bottom, driver's side

Ford SuperCab, Molle seat bottom, driver's side
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Originally designed for an F150 SuperCab SVT Raptor, this Molle panel will allow you to utilize the space behind your seat to its fullest extent. It offers an aprox 12" x 36" Molle panel which is attached to the bottom of your seat via Velcro style Hook material.

Like most 4-door truck owners we drive solo with our rear seat in the raised position allowing for hauling and storage of goods there. This panel lets you utilize that area more effeciently, by allowing you to hang your pouches and packs there, out of the way of your floor space. When you have a passenger that needs to sit back there simply fold the seat down and your pouches and packs are now stowed under the seat.

Made from 1000D coated nylon or 1680D Ballistic nylon with 1" nylon webbing set to PALS/MOLLE  mil-spec standards, this will fit the twelfth generation (2009-2016) model and the 2017-2018 model of Ford F150 SuperCab (Raptor included) drivers side rear seat. 

Ensure that your truck has "suicide style" rear doors, and are smaller than the standard doors = SuperCab 

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